Hieronymus Macdonald is an enigma. His art has been called daring; by some, terrifying. Born in southern Dublin, he saw the horrors of poverty by way of the nearby favelas. The vivid images of death and decay impregnated his mind with a creative force, the likes of which has not been seen in the visual medium for many years. Some call him the new Picasso, others call him Dali’s mustache brought to life. His art breaks down barriers in ways that the artistic community is yet to fully understand. I once sat with him drinking coffee by the shores of the river Thames. As we watched the northern lights dance across the sky he said to me, “If only I could capture that sky.” This sentence, both violent and beautiful, may give you a slight glimpse into the mind of this troubled genius. Please enjoy some of his work shown below.

Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt

Series on abstract forms part 1: War

The Essence of Form

Series on abstract forms part 2

Series on abstract forms part 3

Chaos corrected 001